Using advice in the books I’ve reviewed to write a great first blog.

To help me write this blog I’m going to do exactly what I said I was going to do. I’m going to use advice from the different ‘Money Books’ I’ve read and reviewed to write my first blog.

My first blog should look to define what I am about and why people should want to hear more from me, so here’s the advice I’ve taken to try and achieve that:


1. ‘Screw Work, Break Free’
Advice from the book: “State what ‘value’ you are adding”

So what is the value of this blog? Well, hopefully, it is to show that reading good personal finance and business books, and implementing what you read, can make you money. Too many people just read these types of books but don’t actually do anything with the advice they receive. My blog is going to be a journey, showing you what does and doesn’t work when following advice from different books – my value is therefore being a real-life case study.

The other tip from this book is that whilst it might not be the ‘best blog’, it will be 100% better than any blog I don’t publish.

Read my book review here or buy it, via Amazon, here


2. Rework
Advice from the book: “Pick an enemy to define yourself”

I don’t like personal financial advisors – they are my enemy! Most of them offer poor advice in order to earn a good commission. I want people to read good personal finance books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Richest Man in Babylon before they ever seek financial advice. These books will make sure you have the right foundations in terms of your money management. I want to help people by finding the best personal finance books to avoid people getting ‘ripped off’ by these advisors.

See my page on ‘What is my issue with financial advisors?’ to find out more about my feelings on this particular subject.

Read my book review here or buy it, via Amazon, here


3. The small BIG!
Advice from the book: “State a ‘social norm’ to persuade people to take action”

As this is my first blog, I can’t convince you that the social ‘norm’ is to subscribe to my blog. I can, however, highlight that more and more people are looking to manage their money better, and that if you don’t then people who earn less than you will be richer than you. Therefore getting good advice about money management is essential to ensure you don’t miss out. My blog is to help you get that good advice from the best books so don’t delay and subscribe today!

Read my book review here or buy it, via Amazon, here


4. Zero to One
Advice from the book: “Offer something that is 10 times better than what is already out there”

I truly believe that if people read quality personal finance books, and invest their money sensibly and simply, they will get an outcome that better than if they go to a personal financial advisor. So whilst I’m not directly offering something that is 10 times better that what is out there, I am providing a platform for people to get an outcome which could be 10 times better off than if they get bad advice from a personal financial advisor.

Read my book review here or buy it, via Amazon, here


The end of the my first blog

I hope you enjoyed finding out about what I’m looking to achieve and that you will come on a journey with me to see what else we can learn from the vast array of books to do with money. If we put what we learn into action then we should be making and managing money like never before!


How to create a great first blog … if the books are right!

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