Books I read and reviewed in January 2017:

This month I read a book from each category, personal finance (The Richest Man in Babylon), business book (The small BIG!) and an autobiography (Shoe Dog). Each of these books were excellent and I would highly recommend them all.


1. The Richest Man in Babylon (8.48 points)

A great personal finance book written in a series of stories. This book should be read by everyone as it provides the foundations of good money management. I would love to see this book being read in every school. At the moment most children don’t get any education on how to manage money. See my blog ‘How to make your kids rich?‘ for more on this topic.

I also believe people should read this book before seeking financial advice to make sure you are doing the basics right before potentially get some bad advice from someone trying to make money out of you.  Read more on this topic in my blog ‘What is my issue with financial advisors?’. Read my full review of this book here.


2. Shoe Dog (7.44 points)

This is the memoir of the creator of Nike, Phil Knight. This is a gripping autobiography and shows how much character from the people at the top is required to make a company like Nike a success.

The ups and downs make this a real page turner. There were so many times when Nike almost failed to exist due to money issues. We always think that businesses the size of Nike had it easy but it took so much hard work and determination to make it what it is today. This is a great book, especially for those with really big dreams. Read my full review here


3. The small Big! (8.0 points)

This book is a series of short chapters which show how small changes to the way people do business can make a big difference. It describes social experiments and the psychology behind why it works.

Like other business books which are based on psychology, I read this book like it was a text book, making notes on every chapter. I will be using what I have learnt from this book a lot over as I blog over time. I would recommend this to everyone. It can be used at your regular work (managing people or need to make more sales) or if you have your own business. I’m looking forward to putting what I have learnt into action (I’ll make sure to keep you updated on this). Read my full review here.


What ‘Money Books’ did I read in January 2017?
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