Books I read and reviewed in February 2017:

In February 2017 I spent so much time setting up the website that I only managed to read and review two books! I want to read and review three books per month.

Saying that, the two books I did review were very good. I learnt a lot about how to blog from ‘The Million Dollar Blog‘ by Natasha Courtenay-Smith and learnt a lot about investing from ‘The Long and Short of it‘ by John Kay.


million dollar blog1. The Million Dollar Blog (7.0 points)

This book provides an amazing insight and overview of the blogosphere!

Given that one of my first actions to become a ‘Rich Dad’ (after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad) was to start this blog, I thought it made sense to read a book about blogging. This book did exactly what I needed it to do!

The Million Dollar Blog gives a great overall picture of all the stages required to start a blog.  There are some great real life stories from a wide range of different people.

Read my full review here



Investment2. The Long and Short of it (7.92 points)

This book is a ‘must read’ if you are going to invest!

I feel that for if you are going to invest your money (which I assume you will be after reading my recommendations, Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Richest Man in Babylon), you should read this book first. I also strongly recommend that you read this book before you see a personal financial advisor. Especially as I worry about the advice they give, read my blog ‘What’s my issue with financial advisors?‘ for more on this topic.

As highlighted in the synopsis above, this book provides you with the information you need to ensure you make good investment choices. Too many people invest in individual stocks based on tips or bad advice – they are gambling, not investing. This book highlights what and why people who are looking to invest should do so simply and cheaply and will be a lot better off than most investors. The reason that you’ll do better is not because of some secret formula, it’s about eliminating the mistakes of others.  Too many people pay high fees, try to time the market and are too concentrated. This book sets out how eliminating these factors is the way to be a successful investor.

Read my full review here


March 2017 should be a good month:

I’m going to write a follow up to my Becoming a ‘Rich Dad’ blog about the actions I’ve taken in terms of my investments since reading ‘The Long and Short of it‘. I’m also continue to put what I’ve learnt from ‘The Million Dollar Blog‘ into action when developing this site.

In March I plan to read at least 3 books. My wife is keen for me to read and review ‘The Art of the Deal’ by Donald Trump.  If you have any recommendations of books which you feel I should review and share, please contact me here

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What books did I read in February 2017?
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