Month One
So I’ve finished  Month One of

I can’t believe Month One has gone so quickly. I started this blog to achieve the following three things:

1- Help people avoid being ‘ripped off’ by personal financial advisors

2- See if reading books about money can actually make you rich

3- Provide reviews and recommendations for books about money

I feel I have made a positive start and feel even more confident that over time I will achieve each of these goals. I’m really enjoying reading all the different books. My brain is constantly coming up with new ideas to write about.

So what did I actually do in Month One?


1- Started my journey towards becoming a Rich Dad

The biggest thing I did was take actions based on the personal finance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. These actions included:

A- Set up a spreadsheet to see how much money we do (or don’t have) over time. More information on this here

B- Started investing our money

C- Set up a business (this website!)

More on these actions is covered in my blog ‘Trying to become a Rich Dad’ (which is my most read blog to date). This blog was also accepted as a guest post on


2- Started investing based on the advice from the book “The Long and Short of it”

We have set up a monthly transfer to invest in a low cost and diverse portfolio. See my blog ‘The long and short of investing to become a Rich Dad for more information on what we did with our investments and why. We are still reading more on investments, so watch this space.


3- Continued to learn about creating a good blog

When working on this blog I have used advice from books I have read. This includes a lot of good stuff from ‘Screw Work Break Free and ‘the Million Dollar Blog’. Both of these books have led me to use social media. I now have a twitter account (@moneybooksblog) and a FaceBook page (link) for I’ve still got a lot to learn in terms of using social media but I’m really enjoying learning about it. My aim is to be able to get more people to follow / share and use these skills to develop online businesses which we plan to buy over time to generate income.

I’m also a fan of psychology and have been keen to get see how I can use different approaches when developing this site. The book that I love is ‘The small BIG!’. I used a few things I learnt in that book when writing my blog ‘What are the 5 reasons people are reading more books about money?’. I’m currently working on another blog using what I have learnt from this book. The blog will be titled ‘How do I get more subscribers to my blog? (no one is going to read this)’. Subscribe now so you don’t miss it 🙂


4- Read and reviewed more books (13 books have now been reviewed!)

Here are books I reviewed in Month One;

These add to the 10 books I read and reviewed when I released this blog. See full book list here

5- Added a new goal. To help get more financial education into schools

I’m super keen to promote getting more kids to learn about finance (savings, investing and debt). I’ve written a blog on this: ‘How to make your kids rich?’. In this blog I recommend two books which children (and their parents) could read to help them start to think about savings and managing money. These books are ‘Save Your Acorns’ (for young kids) and ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ (for teenagers). Purchasing these books for a child can make a big difference!


Month Two will be even better!

I feel that the potential for this blog to really help people is growing day by day. I am happy with the progress I’ve made in Month One. 

Key things I’m going to do in Month Two:

  • Read more books about investing
  • Find a good book about buying and running online businesses
  • Find more books for parents to read with their kids about savings, investing and debt

Stay tuned. I’ve got a book review for ‘The Art of the Deal’ by someone called Donald Trump coming up soon!!

Thanks for reading. Please subscribe, like, share and spread the word!


Month One: Started my journey to becoming a Rich Dad

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