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What is this site all about?

There are three things that this blog is looking to achieve:

1 – Helping people avoid getting ‘ripped off’ from personal financial advisors

I strongly believe that people should read good books on personal finance, such as Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Richest Man in Babylon, before they go and see a financial advisor. This is to make sure you have the right foundations of good money management and avoid being taken advantage of by personal financial advisors who are looking to sell you expensive financial products.

Feel free to read more on ‘What is my issue with personal financial advisors?’

2 – Seeing if reading books about money can actually make you rich

Books about money are like most ‘self-help’ books, most people will read them, think they are interesting but not actually do anything with it. I’m going to do an experiment to see if I can take what I read and put it into action. In theory, with all the good advice I get from reading lots of these books I should be rich! My blog is to help you follow my journey of reading and implementing advice from a range of books about money.

3- Providing reviews and recommendations for books about money

I plan to provide honest reviews to do with money and set out my rankings using a scoring system. The books will range from personal finance, business books and autobiographies of people running businesses.

For each book I read, I will write a review and give a score. See more about my scoring and ranking here.


How this website started:

My passion has been thinking about managing money as I feel people aren’t making the most of their money or they are getting bad advice (and there is a lot of bad advice out there as people are conflicted when it comes to money). I’ve always talked about starting my own business, but I like my job and it is hard to give up on that security of a job (especially as I have a family to support), so wanted to start something on the side. My wife then bought me a book called “Screw Work, Break Free” which got this whole thing started. Two things really stuck with me:

  • Don’t delay – just start something, get it out there and develop it over time
  • “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers”

So I took these two things and combined it with my passion and as a result I set up this blog.

Of course the reviews will be completely subjective and only my single opinion but if you agree with what I think for one book then I hope you will come back to find a recommendation for your next book.

Happy reading!



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