All books reviewed:

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RankTitleCategoryThought provokingEnjoyment of readingMoney potentialOverall ScoreDate scored
1Personal finance101089.2Jan '17
2Business book8998.64Feb '17
3Personal finance81088.48Jan '17
4Personal finance8898.4Mar '17
5Business book10878.32Jan '17
6Personal finance8798.16Apr '17
7Business book8888.0Jan '17
8InvestmentPersonal finance8697.92Feb '17
9Autobiographies9777.72Jun '17
10Business book8687.52Mar '17
11Autobiographies8967.44Jan '17
12Yes!Business book8777.36Jan '17
13Business book7777.0Feb '17
14Business book7777.0Apr '17
15Goldman SachsAutobiographies7866.84Mar '17
16Autobiographies7766.6Mar '17
17Business book7576.52Jan '17
18Autobiographies6956.32Jan '17
n/aPersonal financen/a10n/aHard to rankApr '17
n/aPersonal financen/a10n/aHard to rankJan '17



Score for all books I’ve reviewed:

To be able to provide a clear view on what books I think you should read, I have come up with a scoring system (which is completely subjective). It is based on the following three areas:

Money potential (score out of 10): A lot of people will want to read these types of books to help them make more money, therefore, I’ve put a score based on whether I believe reading the book will help them make money. I have put a 40% weighting to this score when calculating the overall score.

Thought provoking (score out of 10): A score out of 10 based on how much I feel this book is saying something new and interesting. I love reading books which get me to think about something. I have put a 36% weighting to this score when calculating the overall score (I have used 36% rather than 35% to ensure I get unique overall scores).

Enjoyment factor (score out of 10): A score based on how much I enjoyed reading the book. Some books have some really interesting topics but aren’t really written in a gripping way. I believe that all books should be enjoyable, regardless of the topic. I have put a 24% weighting to this score when calculating the overall score.



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