I wish I had read ‘Kidpreneurs’ when I was a kid – could have been a millionaire by now! 🙂



You’ve heard the saying, “”It’s never too late.” We say, “It’s never too early!” Even children can be introduced to basic business principles and the rewards of entrepreneurship.

Our goal with Kidpreneurs is to outline some basic tools and strategies kids can use to gain some valuable experience in starting, managing, and growing a successful business venture. Through easy-to-understand basic principles and a creative approach, we outline some key techniques that will have a powerful and positive impact on your child’s ability to understand entrepreneurship.

Using kid-friendly design and illustration, we break down some of the major points of entrepreneurship, so your child can have fun as he or she learns.

My review

This is the second kids book I’ve read about money, after ‘Save Your Acorns’. This book is about getting kids to understand what an entrepreneur is and how businesses work. Most kids don’t ever get to learn about the option of becoming an entrepreneur. Kids are taught that they have to get a good education so they can get a good job working for someone else.

Learning about business at a young age means you can try things out without having anything to lose. Or at least only going bankrupt at the Bank of Mum & Dad. I’m definitely going to make sure that our kids know all about becoming an entrepreneur when they grow up.

The book starts by discussing what an entrepreneur is and then the key stages for running a business from idea creation, buying supplies, advertising and setting the price of the product / service.


My neighbour’s kid is a kidpreneur

I’m going to buy a copy of this book for my neighbour’s kid. He’s already been very entrepreneurial.  He had set up a lemonade stand on our road (where he hired and paid his friends to help him). Then he got $50 dollars from his dad to buy a batch of toy drones and sold them at a school fair. He made $90 after he paid his dad back the initial $50. The best bit was when I asked him what he was going to spend this profit on – he said “I’m going to buy more drones to sell!” Amazing!

He’s only 8 years old! Who knows what he will become in the future after reading this book.


I believe in giving kids the best possible chance to be financially free

Most schools don’t teach kids about money or what an entrepreneur is. This means most will grow up working for someone else and not saving enough of what they earn to be financially free until they retire. That is pretty depressing. Teaching our kids to save and to consider working for themselves can lead to a completely different future. I’m not saying all kids should become entrepreneurs but they should at least be given the option. They only get that option if they are told what an entrepreneur is!

See my other blog about kids saving from an early age and book parents can read with them to help them learn about saving: ‘How to make your kids rich?

I’m also working on a blog about the impact, what parents do in terms of money management, has on kids. Make sure you subscribe below so you don’t miss out.


Would I recommend ‘Kidpreneurs’?

Yes – definitely. I would recommend all parents buy this book for their kids. You can buy this book, via Amazon, here.


Joy of reading = 10 (out of 10)

Read again = Definitely

Overall score = n/a (as it’s a kids book)

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