Screw Work, Break Free is a must have manual for starting a new business!


Screw Work, Break Free teaches you how to get up and running with a money-making idea you love in just 30 days—even if you haven’t yet found your killer concept. Drawing on the latest methods of famous creatives and billion-dollar startups, you’ll discover the three steps to finding a money-making idea to run with, the instant procrastination fix, 11 ways to make money out of any idea, how to make your idea go viral, and secrets you can use from multi-million dollar launches. Case studies and stories will keep you motivated, and simple confidence hacks will help you get yourself out there. You’ll get access to the Break Free Toolkit online, connect with other readers on social media, and launch your idea in as little as 20 minutes a day.

My review:

This book was the inspiration for me starting this blog site. My wife bought it for me as a Christmas present. I wanted to read it all straight away but resisted to make sure I read one chapter each day, as the book is a 30 day challenge.

The book is very motivating to get something started. The book finely balances the sense that anyone can start something new but at the same time highlights that it won’t be easy and you need to work hard.

This book really is a manual. I will re-read this book many times over the years. Each chapter could be a stand-alone book (and you can find books which focus on just one chapter). As the chapters are relatively short, you feel like you should just get on with what you want to achieve rather than going into lots and lots of detail.

I’m going to create a blog solely about this book and how it helped me start this blog site.


Thought provoking = 8 (out of 10)

Enjoyment of reading = 9 (out of 10)

Money making = 9 (out of 10)

Overall score = 8.64

Read again = Definitely

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