Save Your Acorns is a great introduction to personal finance for kids!


Save Your Acorns joins Oliver and Amelia as Grandpa teaches them the importance of saving. They read the story of the bears and the monkeys. And they learn about the consequences of wasting bananas, sharing berries and saving acorns. The best part is the acorns they save can grow over time into trees with more and more acorns

My review:

I am a big fan of teaching kids about money and saving from an early age. There is not enough financial education in schools, which is a crime! I know Robert Gardner works in the financial services industry and I’m really happy to see people using their know how to help society, rather than just looking to make more money.

This book tells a great story which has a story message about not wasting what you have and saving for an emergency. I have read this story to my daughters a number of times. After we’ve read the story we always have a good chat about what they could do to be more like the bears (who save some of their food rather than waste it).

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who has children who are age 3 to 6 years old. You can find out more about this book and author from

 Is there anything I can take from this book?

Whilst there isn’t anything I can take from the book directly, it does get me thinking about how I can use what I learn from the books I read to help educate younger generations. I hope that just by reviewing the book and putting the review on this site that is a small step in the right direction.


I don’t believe it would be fair to provide a score to compare to other books on this site given that it is for kids.

Enjoyment of reading = 10 (out of 10)

Read again = Definitely

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